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The training is organized around a developmental model of maturation inspired by the structure provided by the the Seven Leading Names (7LN) rooted in the traditions of Islamic mysticism and developed by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan in the Inayati Order.

Every attempt will be made to convert exclusionary language where possible to more inclusive alternatives. The 7LN themselves will be slightly reframed in the hope that they will be more accessible to a diverse audience. 

The Seven Leading Names and their application for Kinship are (in brief):

 1. Awareness. (al-Hayy): We focus on developing an understanding of self reflexive awareness and how simply being aware that we are aware begins to give us a foundation upon which to create a loving connection with others and eventually with all of life.

2. Knowing (al-Alim): Once we have experienced the reality of our sheer existence, we can then go on to explore that we have a life that has a beginning and an end and that we are capable of remembering the past and envisioning the future.

3.  Empowerment (al-Qadr): Awareness emerges from simple existence to an understanding of our common ancestry and our existence as a part of an evolving universe. In this section we begin to explore the underpinnings of how we impact our environment.

4. Yearning (al-Murid): Once we have recognized our sheer existence, accepted the story of that existence, and embraced the source of our power as emerging from the field of existence, we explore how we influence that story by what we desire - by our yearnings.

5. Receptivity (al-Sami): Having passed through the previous stages and grounded ourselves in our unique yet universal existence that is infused with a direction and purpose to which we effectively contribute, we now explore how we shift our vantage point from our own personal perceptions to opening up to others--to including other apparently distinct universes.

6. Creativity (al-Basir): Having passed through the previous stages of sheer existence, awareness of our story, exploration of our power, discovery of direction, and acknowledgment of another as not us, the possibility arises of participating creatively in the purposeful thrust of evolution.

7. Integration (al-Kalim): All the previous stages culminate in the experience of integration. In this state , we hold paradox lightly, balance becomes an act of beauty and awareness, and we begin to experience life as a seamless whole.

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