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"In America, no doubt, I found that there is one thing which appeals to an American, whatever be his occupation or position, and that is the idea of brotherhood, it being a place where in this ideal the national constitution has been built. Any other problem might divide their intentions, but in the idea of brotherhood they will unite." - Hazrat Inayat Khan


Nur Azad Jack Mangold

Along with his wife, Zarifah Kadian, Nur Azad is a co-director of the Baraka Center of Washington, DC.  The Center offers teachings on Sufi principles and practices, meditation for individuals and groups and he participates as a Reverend Cherag during the regular offering of the Universal Worship, a celebration of the world’s great religious traditions.  He is currently a Vice President for the Kinship Activity of the Inayati Order International, an organization devoted to awakening the reality that we are all one family, united in the parenthood of God.  

He is also a psychotherapist in private practice in Bethesda , MD.  His primary work is with couples, families in crisis and young men and women who lack a clear and purposeful direction in life. He works closely with parents developing effective parenting styles. 

Until recently, Nur Azad  taught Couple and Family Therapy and Advanced Asian Mediation at Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Education for 10 years.  He also enjoys the birds, animals and plants in his backyard  and loves to participate with his grown children in sprint triathlons.


Rabia Deborah Povich

Rabia has been a student of the universal Sufi path for over 40 years. She leads a local Inayati center in Charlottesville, VA where she studies mystical teachings and guides retreats. Motivated to advance the ideals of justice and equity with compassion and understanding, Rabia is engaged in her local community with an interfaith clergy group to help reconcile the divisions caused by systemic racism. Her professional background spanned 25 years in public policy, where she utilized advocacy, research, communication, and organizational development skills to reduce poverty and injustice and increase opportunity. Rabia promotes using our spiritual training in service in the world.


Mikail John Davenport

Mikail has been a servant-leader in the Inayati Sufi path for over 30 years as a Reverend Cherag (minister), Healing Conductor and Representative. He is the focalizer of the Prison Book Project that sends requested books on spirituality to inmates. He is also the Mentor Training Director of the Prisoner Interaction Project and currently counsels and spiritually directs 25 inmates from various faiths around the country.