Teachings from Hazrat Inayat Khan on Kinship.

In the first stage (of Brotherhood) the mystic becomes respectful to all beings, both to the saint and the sinner, to the wise and the foolish. In the next stage his or her sympathy goes out to everyone (s)he meets, no matter who it is. The third stage is when (s)he understands the condition of every person because of his or her sympathy and respect. The fourth stage is when (s)he tolerates and forgives; (s)he cannot help doing it for the very reason that (s)he understands…and the fifth stage is that (s)he sees him/herself united with all, not only in  God but even in him/herself, in each being (s)he sees him/herself.


  • No love-offering can be more precious than a word or act of respect, for the highest expression of love is respect.


  • Sympathy is the root of religion, and so long as the spirit of sympathy is living in your heart, you have the light of religion.


  • To love is one thing, to understand is another. The one who loves is a devotee, but the one who understands is a friend.


  • Tolerance does not come by learning, but by insight, by understanding that each one should be allowed to travel along the path which is suited to one’s temperament.


  • The Message is a call to humanity in general to unite in a world kinship beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, race, nation or Religion.


  • To serve one another, to love one another, to work for another, that should be the aim of life.