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The Prison Book Project was initiated by the Inayati Order in 1975. The purpose of this project is to provide books on spirituality at no charge to prisoners who request them. Over the years, the project has sent hundreds of books to inmates in Federal, state, and county correctional facilities. Some of the prisoners have gone on to not only grow spiritually inwardly but also to turn their outward lives around and become successful citizens upon their return to the "free" world. Actual comments from prisoners and others may be found below.

If you know someone who is currently incarcerated, they may request books, not only on Sufism but also any spiritual path, by writing to:

Prison Book Project
c/o Davenport
7009 S. Interstate 35
Austin, Texas 78744-4813

"Thank you for your support of my growth through the books and guidance in my life that has been my 'rock'." - J.G., Texas inmate

"I cannot thank you enough for providing me with so much life changing material... There is not enough space on this postcard to express the changes that have been taking place in my heart and mind, but I can truly say that to become fully enlightened and liberated is difficult; all it took was for me to listen to the teachings I have received rather than my ego. Our communication... has been a spiritual lifeboat, keeping me afloat above negative circumstances... making my life meaningful" - A.R., California inmate

"Your consistent communications and support are very valued and appreciated." - M.A., Texas inmate

" The books and guidance I have received through your project has opened my eyes to a new way of Being! Bless you! - K.P., North Carolina inmate


“Life is what it is; you can not change it, but you can change yourself.” - Hazrat Inayat Khan