Core Values

Let us build a beautiful world of beautiful
people through our thoughts, words and
deeds.” Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

•Welcoming people of all colors, creeds, classes, sexual orientations, and cultures
•Upholding the intrinsic worth and dignity of all

Respect for Life
•Cherishing and protecting the web of life on Earth
•Honoring our interdependence and our need for mutual support and connection
•Celebrating beauty in each other and in our world

•Responding to suffering with caring and generosity
•Comforting those in need and acting from an awakened sense of justice
•Promoting the spirit of peace and soothing the spirit of agitation

•Practicing kindness and consideration in our relations with others
•Cultivating friendship as the foundation of all relationships

•Encouraging loving acts of service, kindness and compassion
•Nurturing gratitude, and sharing our bounty with others
•Working together in a collaborative, sharing, embracing manner