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Kinship is our rediscovery that we belong to each other and that we belong in a world and universe that embraces us. The great loss in our time is this sense of belonging . We have replaced much of our dynamic and heartfelt connection with a materialistic consumerism that that has inspired us to embrace a very narrow self centeredness.

We allow our precious planet and all the beings to whom we are kin to deteriorate through lack of caring and appropriate activity. Hazrat Inayat Khan inspired the formation of Brotherhood meetings, now known as Kinship Circles, in the beginning of the 20th century.

All of this and more has been realized by existing groups within the Inayati Order.

Is it not the time for Inayat Khan’s intention for Brotherhood meetings to fulfill their their purpose? The need is great, the willingness to change everywhere. As Inayat Khan suggests, join, create, invite a Kinship Circle with those in your sphere of influence. Meetings can be people together in a room, or meeting in cyberspace. It can take many forms but to be a Kinship Circle it should have the following guidelines:

1. Safe and open to all.

2. A basis on spiritual principles.

3. Some form of introspection and self examination.

4. Rotating leadership that uses a handbook or simple format as its organizing instrument.

5. Connection to the Kinship Activity of the Inayati Order

The Kinship Pledge

"In the name of God, in the name of all the masters, in the name of all those who have dedicated themselves to the service of God in humanity, in the name of Hazrat Inayat Khan, I pledge myself and dedicate myself to the service of God in humanity, by promoting Kinship among all beings, wherever appropriate, fostering conflict resolution in love, tolerance and respect, by relieving suffering and pursuing the way of justice. Amen."


     Hazrat Inayat Khan

Kinship Circles are gatherings of people dedicated to creating a more intimate and responsible relationship with each other, their community and the world. We act from a sense of belonging to the community of all conscious beings and work to take our appropriate place in that community.

The Kinship Activity offers sample formats for meetings that range from the somewhat formal structure of the original Brotherhood meetings to very loosely structured “friendship groups” that have minimal structure. Readings that capture the spirit of belonging in love and friendship are also included as suggestions. These sample formats may be requested via email.

Those of us, who have been holding Kinship close for many years, hope you will join us in this endeavor to lift humanity from its current confusion and danger, by awakening that natural spirit of love and devotion natural to us all. This after all is the only force capable of propelling us toward a “beautiful world of beautiful people.”