About Kinship Activity

Who We Are

The Kinship Activity of Sufi Order International

Kinship is a nucleus for the emergence of the global human family.” Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

Kinship cultivates the natural connection from one heart to another, fostering harmony, goodwill, and caring action. Kinship nurtures the flowering of the individual and carries it outward through friendship, collaboration and service. Kinship inspires people to work together to help those in need, to protect and restore the web of life on Earth, and to create a more beautiful world. Kinship awakens the conscience, and builds the spiritual maturity needed to address the planetary crises we face. Kinship aims to serve as a nucleus of understanding, sympathy and dedication to help unite humankind in the spirit of universal loving kindness.

Zarifah Kadian and Munawir Mangold serve as heads of the Kinship Activity. Current Kinship Council Members from left to right: Zakir Amin Povich, Zarifah Kadian, Munawir Mangold, Amira Glickman, Sarah Leila Manolson, Karima Gebel.