Prison Book Project

The Kinship Activity sponsors the Prison Book Project, which distributes books on spiritual topics – particularly books by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan – to people who are incarcerated. Many prisoners are using their time to pursue inner exploration and have written to us expressing appreciation for the inspiration in Murshid’s teachings.

When we receive a request from a prisoner who is interested in Sufism, we send them a book by Murshid from Omega Publications. We are continuing the work done for many years by Rabia Longworth and June Ross at the Abode of the Message in New York. Anyone who knows of a prisoner is welcome to request a book on their behalf. We need their full name, prison identification number, and full address of the prison. Send requests or tax deductible donations to:

Prison Book Project
P.O. Box 480
New Lebanon, NY 12125
or by email to Manal at

Donations of books on Sufism and other spiritual paths also are happily accepted. Prisons require books to be paperback and in good condition (nearly new, no scribbles in the margin!). The Seattle SOI center collects these books and donates them to Books to Prisoners in Seattle We insert a flyer in the books we donate, offering a free book on Sufism. Books by Hazrat Inayat Khan are then sent to prisoners who request a book on religion/spirituality.

Books can be shipped c/o: SOI-Seattle, P.O. Box 30082, Seattle, WA 98113.